Monday 1 June 2015

Beckwood Bandits


    Normally when you are on your way to enjoy an afternoon at Pueblo's Beckwood Park, you wouldn't be met with utility signs. But because of the recent vandalism at the park; repairs have been needed. The thousands of dollars worth of damage was discovered over this last weekend to brand new turf, playground equipment and an irrigation system had just been installed. I spoke to two maintenance workers who were in progress of cleaning up the area around the park. They talked about the anger from the community. The park is located in an area that is mostly families and retired members of the community.

Credit: Pueblo Parks and Recreation Dept

  While discussing the event with the workers, a woman who lived right by the park stopped to inquire how the repairs were going and mentioned some other minor damages that she had noticed. She made it clear that she and everyone in the immediate neighborhood are disgusted by these so called "children" that chose to deface the parks in the area. One park vandalism is bad enough, but there was another park just a few blocks away that also was damaged recently. There aren't any leads in the investigation that have been announced. 

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